1. Morton Bartlett (1902-1992)

    Morton Bartlett, born in Chicago, was orphaned at the age of eight. Adopted by the Bartlett family of Cohasset, Massachusetts, he made Boston his assumed home town. After a short education at Harvard College, Bartlett undertook a number of jobs throughout his early life, including positions in advertising, furniture sales and management. He eventually established himself as a self-employed businessman in printing design. It was not until his death in 1992, while arrangements for his funeral were being prepared, that his private collection of self-made figures of children, was finally discovered. It is believed he first started creating his accurately executed figurines over a period of 30 years until stopping in the mid-1960s. He left 13 statues of children: three boys most likely modelled in his own image and the rest girls. He used anatomy books to ensure his figures were accurately scaled, revealing a compulsive attention to detail. Bartlett took photographs of his dolls in life-like situations, either nude or wearing clothes that he made himself. Bartlett described the purpose of his ‘hobby’ in his College Yearbook as ‘to let out urges which do not find expression in other channels’.

    - Raw Vision

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